Our Mission is to contemporize the Indian classics, by offering consumers convenient curry dishes, prepared and cooked to very high standards using locally sourced, high quality ingredients for people who have appetite, but are on the go.
Curry has ubiquitous appeal, and is a favored food for the Omani and expatriate, young and old, alike. Indeed it is one of the fastest growing retail food outlet, Principally because it offers consumers an authentic alternative to international fast food brands.Curry in Hurry Indian Restaurant offers a unique dining experience, serving innovative Indian cuisine in an elegant and stylish setting, situated in the Food Court.Curry in Hurry provides a classic combination of indisputable knowledge, unique experience and traditional values that carry worldwide recognition.The restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience with effortlessly charming staff, discrete service and tantalising food that few can compete with.That is the combination to ensure guests come back for more.


  Email :   frnndsvctr307@gmail.com

  Phone :  22009696

  Website :   http://www.curryinhurry-me.com/

  Store Location :  FC-5